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Festival fee:


Dear Vaishanavas,

We are sorry to inform you that all twin, double, and triple rooms have been booked. However, there are still two family rooms available (for 4 poeple) as well as few beds available in quadruple men and ladies’ rooms. Also, you may still register to sleep in the common rooms and living in tents with your own sleeping bags and mats.

There is some good news tough that if you register to live in a tent, then you may do so for whatever number of days. Also, please be informed that in the tent city there will be shower cabins with warm water and changing tents separately for women and men.


There is a possibility to get accommodation in the rural tourism homestead (4,6 km from the festival place). There are two houses:
1. The bigger one: 3 bedrooms with a living room and a kitchen, 2 wc and a bathroom. Capacity 6 to 15 people. The price for an andult for 6 nights including all the festival program is 132 eur; price for a child (5 – 17yo) – 95 eur.

2. The smaller house: 2 bedrooms with a living room, a kitchen, wc and a bathroom. Capacity 4 to 9 people. The price for an adult for 6 nights including all the festival program is 132 eur; the price for a child (5 – 17 yo) – 95 eur.

If interested – please, write vaishnava.summerfestival@gmail.com

We also offer to consider to stay in Vilnius (50 km distance from the place of the festival) – we will arrange transport every day in the morning to the festival place, and in the evening return to Vilnius.

Festival fee:

  Adults     Children from 5 to 17 y.  Children under 5
Accommodation with beds in rooms in the "Dubingiai" centre 195 165 0 € *
Accommodation on the floor in rooms in the "Dubingiai" centre 110 80 0
Accommodation on the floor in shared space in the "Dubingiai" centre 95 65 0
Stay in your own tent (per person) 85 60 0
Without staying overnight * 80 55 0
* - calculation with prasadam and minimum costs of the festival. If it is not possible to support the festival by that amount, then a donation at your discretion.

Registration for the festival:

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2. Enter number of people and names
Adults Children from 5 to 17 y. Children to 5 y.

Accommodation price:

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