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Festival fee:


Dear devotees, we invite you to register earlier so you will be able to save some money, and to help organizers better plan the budget.

All who register before March 31 will be valid special prices, which you will find in the table below. From April 1, 2018 fees will be higher for 20 - 40 euro.

We kindly would like to remind you that we have limited number of hotel rooms, therefore we accept registration  only for the duration of the festival.

Festival fee:

  Adults     Children from 5 to 17 y.  Children under 5
Accommodation with beds in rooms in the "Dubingiai" centre 179 148 0 € *
Accommodation with beds in rooms in the recreation centre "Giraite" 155 125 0 € *
Accommodation on the floor in rooms in the "Dubingiai" centre 99 65 0
Accommodation on the floor in shared space in the "Dubingiai" centre 95 65 0
Stay in your own tent (per person) 85 60 0
Without staying overnight * 80 55 0
* - calculation with prasadam and minimum costs of the festival. If it is not possible to support the festival by that amount, then a donation at your discretion.

Registration for the festival:

You have chosen
1. Select the conditions in which you want to live
2. Enter number of people and names
Adults Children from 5 to 17 y. Children to 5 y.

Accommodation price:

Your desired service:

3. Enter your contacts and register
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